Joshua A Hawkins


Date of Birth
May 30, Alton, Illinois, USA


Birth Name
Joshua Allen Hawkins

Preferred Name


Josh Hawkins is recognized as a multi-award winning Information Technology visionary, Tri-Athlete, Outdoor Enthusiast and Adventure Photographer.

For the past decade, Joshua has influenced and executed enterprise level visions and strategies as an Interactive Technology Director. He understands all aspects of the business, industry and their competitive landscape. He continually optimizes organizational capabilities and removes barriers through strategically and diplomatically forging relationships, inspiring trust and motivating others to achieve goals.

Josh brings out the best in people through coaching, feedback, support and encouragement. He challenges tradition and conventional thinking, acts with integrity and courage, and focuses on the greater good over individual benefit.

He lives with his pet dog Gus and is an energetic father for his two boys.

During your interaction with Josh; he will provide guidance that will enable you to overcome and achieve change. He will empower you with his uncanny ability for cutting through the mundane and ability to focus for strategic execution.



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